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In 2001 my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. My mother and I stayed with her in the home her parents built until she passed on that August, just before I moved away and began my first year of college. I had always been close with her growing up, but living with her during those last months allowed me to become familiar with a side of her I had previously known very little about. In her attic I found hundreds of documents and photographs that she had taken early on in her life. The images spanned from when she was a young child to when her own children left for college. I never knew that she was such a prolific photographer. I also didn't know she was a pilot, played Hawaiian slide guitar on the radio, or how much I physically resembled her when she was my age. The discovery of these artifacts allowed me to project myself into a world that no longer existed and build a sense of identity in relation to my family's history.

Remember Me Like This is an artist's book that I created in response to this experience. The book explores the way in which we subconsciously alter or fabricate our memories based on photographs. The book was constructed to look and feel like an authentic heirloom. The montages were created by superimposing myself into my grandmother's original photographs using Adobe Photoshop.